Aug 7, 2011 / 7 notes

 Amid the brushes of Herefordshire’s countryside lies Nozstock: The Hidden Valley. Founded by local residents during the hazy, optimistic and halcyon days at the turn of the millennium, it’s an event built from a curious amalgamation of performance, art, electronic supersounds and good old-fashioned guitar-strumming and drum-bashing. Now an established, leading family event in its 13th year, Nozstock is a sonic escape boasting eight main stages of entertainment with surprising sights and intimate, secluded areas of theatre and discovery to be unearthed.

So Nozstock proved to be an absolute treat. The live performance of Toddla T, Netsky blasting out in the Raveyard, endless ciders from the press tent. Not to mention the hidden Tree Tribe party that was a superb end to the weekend. Definitely recommend checking it out. AMAZING


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